Your Business Needs a Status Page

You would be hard pressed to find an entrepreneur who doesn't believe communication is an important part of the relationship with a customer. Despite this, you will often find that these same entrepreneurs do not have a communication structure in place in the event of a major outage.

How do you communicate when things break down?

You probably do not know the answer to this question unless you have had things break down before. If you have no plan in place it usually goes something like this:

Tech 1: Everything is broken! What do I do?

Tech 2: Not sure looking into it....

Meanwhile in the support department...

Support Person 1: We have received 50 tickets about problems on our website, what do we do?

Support Person 2: Just respond as fast as possible!

Lots of tickets are not necessarily a problem if you have an effective support team, but consider what would happen if your support system was impacted by the outage as well. Customers would know things are broken, they would try to contact you but to no avail, the support system is also down.

Incidents like this can severely impact the image of your business, the confidence others have in your product, or both.

You can do better.

The best plan is to use a solution that is on dedicated hardware, on a discrete network, and is highly redundant in and of itself.

Hosted status pages fit this bill perfectly.

Status pages are the perfect way to communicate with all of your customers in a quick, and easy format when things are broken. Customers generally want as much information with as little effort as possible - if you have a status page listed on your website they can quickly obtain details about any outstanding incidents without having to talk to you. This accomplishes two things:

  • Happy customer - they know what is going on with basically zero effort.
  • Happy support - they are not inundated with tickets as soon as things break.

We can help you.

There are many hosted status pages on the market right now, but Statusy is one of the most affordable options that has all of the features of the bigger providers. Status pages start at just $10 per month and include many customizations, email notifications, teams, and custom domain integration.

Now is the time to implement an emergency communication solution. Get your status page now.