Statusy 2.0

A little over two years ago Statusy launched. As a way of celebrating this, we decided to roll out a number of big changes!


We understand Paypal is one of the most common payment methods on the internet today. To make things easier for our customers we have added Paypal as a supported payment method.

SMS and Webhook Notifications

Ultimately the point of a status page is to tell people what is going on with your service. We want to make sure you can tell your customers what is happening in the method that makes the most sense for them so we have added both SMS and Webhook notification options to Statusy.


One of the most requested features on Statusy is third party integrations. We are very happy to announce that our first three integrations have launched including PagerDuty, Pingdom, Slack and Uptime Robot. Visit the settings page to enable integrations for your status page.


Lastly, our dashboard was old and clunky. We spent a good portion of the past six months redesigning the dashboard from the ground up and we think the end result is well worth the wait. Log in and check it out now!

This is only the beginning of a big year for Statusy - we have a number of exciting features on the way, keep an eye out on our Twitter account for updates in the coming months.