[Enhancement/Feature] Custom Statuses, Favicons and More

We have been hard at work to deliver some more features requested by you, our customers. Given this, we are happy to announce a number of new features deployed this past weekend including:

Custom statuses

Custom Statuses

You can now visit the customize page and add your very own statuses. "Fully Operational" not cutting it for you? No problem, change that to anything you want! This feature allows you specify a custom color and weight for each status so they are ranked properly.

Custom favicon

Custom Favicon

We have allowed for custom logos for some time but we have not previously offered a custom favicon option. With our latest release you can now head over to the customize page and upload your custom favicon to be displayed on your public status page.

Export data

Export your data

We believe your data is yours, that being said we have introduced a new tab on the customize page to allow you to export your data in JSON form.

Unsubscribe from notifications

Your subscribers can now easily unsubscribe from notifications for your status page using a link in a notification email. Additionally, you can manually remove subscribers by visiting the subscribers page.

New API endpoints

We have received a few requests for API endpoints to get the status of a public status page on our platform, with this release said endpoints have been added.

Various stability and UX improvements

It is difficult to provide an exact list here, but the bigger things include:

  • Confirmation before deleting or otherwise removing things.
  • Fixed API problems, our last major release seemed to introduce more than a few bugs, these have been fixed.
  • Fixed problems restarting subscriptions
  • Better behavior when you try to visit a page before logging in, you will now be redirected to the page you wanted after logging in.

Most of these features were suggestions from our customers. We love hearing your suggestions, please let us know if you would like to see anything added to Statusy!

Thanks for reading, enjoy!