[Enhancement] Disable Subscriptions, Timezone Settings and Future Plans

We've released a couple new status page settings this week that should make your Statusy experience just a bit better!

Disable Subscriptions

Previously there was no option to disable email or Twitter subscriptions on your public status page, this has been changed with the addition of an option to disable either subscription option or both subscription options if you desire. This option will be found on the "Settings" page, on the "Settings" tab.

New options

Timezone Setting

Our timezone handling was not ideal in the past. Given this, we added a global status page setting to specify which timezone will be used for all status page times and dates. You can configure this setting just below the disable subscription option on the "Settings" page on the "Settings tab.

Future Plans

We are working on a number of features that we expect to be released in the near future. These features include:

  • Webhook support
  • SMS support
  • Multiple services per incident and or maintenance event

Do you have a suggestion for Statusy? We would love to hear it! Almost all of our features come at the request of our customers so we would love to hear your suggestions.